TigerTrippTigerTripp Red Carpet

They say “fake it ’til you make it” but TigerTripp figured they’d probably never make it, so they decided to keep it fake.

In a world full of snapchat filters and sparrow face Instagram selfies, where everyone is faking so hard to “keep it real,” TigerTripp is singing loud and auto-tune proud pushing the point that reality is irrelevant.

Melanie is the lead singer of TigerTripp.

What People are saying about The Ice Cream Song…
“The lyric is intelligent. It makes you think.” – II
“Very excellent Song,Rhythm,Dance,and Idea. Idea and name very wonderful and you beautiful” – Ali Max
“I just read the comments, and you people actually enjoy this? The end of the world is near.” – Robert Thao
“Oh, the humanity” – Dwaine Cawthon
“WTF” – Okinawa2017
TigerTripp Pink